zofie angelic

She impresses you through her glamorous grunge and cyber punk creations. Her customers project style and are as unique as the jewelry pieces themselves.The luxury and elegance of the Zofie Angelic collection moves you through the exclusive use of premium materials in her craftsmanship. Such examples are precision-cut Swarowski crystals and fine Italian leathers. As a basis for all her lines, the designer uses treated copper in the colors midnight blue, black, silver and gold. The haute couture lines consist of one-of-a-kind pieces that are handcrafted by the design herself, while the limited-edition series originate from the world-renowned jewelry manufacturers.

„ The Moment I placed the chain around my neck I could feel the coolness and weight of the crystals on my skin. After a while, the soft stones became completely warm through body contact.
They absorb my energy and my body melts into one with the piece of jewelry. With Zofie´s jewelry I feel exalted and free. „

To say something short and quick over the designer´s biography isn´t so easy, becaurse as an haute couture jewelry designer, she leads a very cosmopolitan life. Zofie was born in the Czech Republic – her mother Czech, her father French. She spent some time in Denmark where she came in contact with the Scandinavian aesthetic. From Copenhagen, her studies lead her to Paris, London, Barcelona, Madrid, Prague and Berlin.

In Copenhagen she first studied Fine Arts at Atelier Hanne Swane, and sculpture at Atelier Mortensen. Afterwards, she completed her Design studies in Paris at Atelier Picard, and extended to Fashion Design at Atelier Richmond. After nearly two decades in Paris, London and Prague, she now lives and works in Berlin, where she relaunched her own label zofie angelic couture in 2002.

Besides countless fashion shows and group exhibitions in Copenhagen, Prague, Paris, London and Berlin, Zofie also presented her latest jewelry collection at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin 2012/2013 and at the Prague Fashion Weekend 2012/2013 and 2013/2014.

Zofie Angelic chose the glamour of earl 20`s as ideal for her jewelry collection. These eyecatching designs are fashioned by hand. Angelic works exclusively in premium materials such as precision-cut Swarowski crystals and fine Italian leathers.

About the Label zofie angelic

The jewerly couture of zofie angelic includes high quality couture jewelry, accessories and extravagant apparel in exclusive, limited edition and made to order. Zofie, who has international roots but makes her home in Berlin, produces fablously captivating creations. In the jewelry work, she draws upon historical style elements from art noveau and art deco. Occasionally, film themes provide inspiration for her multi-facetted work of art that are, through the art of reduction, forever reminiscent of the zeitgeist of the 1910s. Zofie uses the ancient, traditional handicraft expertise of glassmakers for her hand-produced, one-of-a-kind piece. Besides glass, she also works high-grade metals and premium leather into her creations.